Imudon (imudon)

IMUDON (Imudon)
     Synonym : Lizatov bacteria mixture Bacterial lysates mixture
     Description pharmaceutical form : White or almost white pills plane cylindrical shape, with smooth shiny surface, with the lead edges, then without.
     Description : Polivalentny flocks complex, which is consistent with the agents most frequently causing inflammatory processes in the oral cavity and pharynx.
     The drugs act : Immunostimuliruyuschee.
Preparation of bacterial origin for local use in dental and eye. Activates phagocytosis, increasing the number of immunocompetent cells, increases a lysozyme and interferon; Secretion immunoglobulin A in saliva.
     Indications : Treatment and prevention of infectious or inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx : pain, chronic tonsillitis, goiter mouth erythemal and ulcerative gingivitis, superficial and deep gum, periodontitis, stomatitis (including the mouth), glossit; Pitting as a result of dental prostheses; infection after the removal of the teeth, dental implant artificial roots; tonzillektomii preoperative preparation; after a post tonzillektomii.
     Contraindications : Giperchuvstvitelnost, child aged up to 3 years.
     Application of pregnancy and breast-feeding : Do not take during pregnancy and breast-feeding (the clinical application of insufficient epidemiological studies and data from experiments on animals are available).
     Side Effects : Rare :
from the digestive tract : nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain;
allergic reactions : rash, urticaria, angionevrotichesky swelling.
     Interaction : Can be used with other medicines.
     Overdosing : The number of overdoses is available.
     Dosing and Administration : inside, keep the mouth to complete resorption (not liquid). In acute inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and worsening of chronic diseases : adults and children over 14 years of age-8 table. / Day (1 hour intervals), children 3 to 14 years - six table. / Day (every 2 hours). The average duration is 10 days.
For the prevention of chronic inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity : adults and children older than 3 years, 6 tab. / Day (the interval between admission 2 hrs). The course is 20 days.
Recommended for preventive treatments, 3-4 times a year.
     Precautions : Poloskat mouth and meal can be no earlier than one hour after admission (to reduce activity). In appointing the patient, respectful bessolevuyu or malosolevuyu diet, be aware that one table. Imudona contains 15 mg of sodium.
Children from 3 to 6 years to rassasyvayut pill in the oral cavity under the supervision of an adult person.
     Special instructions : The drug does not affect the ability of a car or other mechanisms.
     Shelf life : 3 years
     Storage conditions : The temperature is not above 25 ° C

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