Ibandronat sodium (sodium ibandronat)

IBANDRONAT SODIUM (Ibandronat sodium).
     Dinatrievaya salt [1-oksi-3- (metilpentilamino) propiliden] difosfonovoy acid.
     Synonym : Bondronat, Bondronat.
     Refers to bifosfonatam III generation.
     T? at 10-16 h; well into the bone tissue, and is there; out kidneys.
     When applied giperkaltsiemii caused by malignant tumors, as well as postmenopauznom osteoporosis.
     Assign intravenously and inside.
     Intravenous drip introduce (content capsules dissolve in 500 ml isotonic sodium chloride solution, or 5% glucose solution) in the dose of 0,002-0,006 grams (2-6 mg) 1 every 3 weeks.
     Inside appoint 0.0025 g (2.5 mg), 1 per day.
      Possible side effects : increased body temperature, grippopodobny syndrome, gipokaltsiemiya, neuralgia, bronchospasm.
     The drug is contraindicated in bronchial asthma, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
     Method of issuance : pills to 0.0025 g (2.5 mg); 0.1% injection of 1 ml ampoules.

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