Doksilamin (doxylamine)

DOKSILAMIN (Doxylamine).
     2-[a [2 - (Dimetilamino) etoksi] metilbenzil-a] pyridine.
     Available in the form of succinate.
     Synonyms : Donormil, Younis Donormil.
     On the chemical structure and action close to dimedrol and some other blokotoram N1- gistaminovyh receptors oblodayuschim, along with antiallergic effect sedativno- aktivnostiyu sleeping pills, which they viewed as unwanted side effects, which prevent them from contributing SOME people (drivers transport operators etc.). There doksilamina sedativno- sleeping pills effect more pronounced than the close of "normal" protivogistaminnyh drugs (comparable to the ones of barbiturates), and he specifically used as a sleeping drug (first generation).
     Like other blokotoram N1- gistaminovyh receptors has doksilamin m holinoliticheskoy activity.
     When ingestion well absorbed; Biotransformation are in the liver, kidneys displayed in the main.
     Primenyayut to alleviate sleep; Increasing sleep time.
     Assign to 0,015-0,03 g (1-2 tablets) for 15-30 minutes before sleep. ?high small amount of water. Those older appoint 1/2-1 pill.
     Among the possible side effects noted mood, dry mouth, paralysis of accommodation, constipation, delaying urination.
     The drug is contraindicated in glaucoma, gepertrofii (adenoma) prostate gland, pp.
     Product : normal and bubbly pills to 0,015 g (15 mg) (N.30 and 20 respectively).
     Effervescent tablets before consumption to throw in 1 / 2 cup water.

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