Diovenor 600 (diovenor 600)

DIOVENOR 600 (Diovenor 600)
     Synonym : Diosmin, Diosmin
     The composition and the form of : 1 tablet, covered with skin, contains 600 mg diosmina and auxiliary substances (Microcrystalline cellulose, talc, silicon dioxide, stearic acid, gidroksipropilmetiltsellyuloza, titanium dioxide, red iron oxide, propylene, Black polioksietilenglikolya, polioksietilenglikol 6000, the aluminum varnish cochineal red, black iron oxide); in contour yacheykovoy packing 15 pc. , in a cardboard packet 2 packaging.
     The drugs act : Venotoniziruyuschee, angioprotektivnoe.
Increases venous tone, resistance capillaries, reduces venous stagnation, permeability and capillary improves. Sosudosuzhivayuschee effect on the vein is dozozavisimy nature. Increases vascular resistance increases sosudosuzhivayuschee of adrenaline, noradrenalina and serotonin. It improves lymphatic drainage.
     Pharmacokinetics : rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract. There are plasma from the second unit and the reception, plasma Cmax achieved through 5 p.m. Distributed accumulates in the walls of hollow veins and subcutaneous veins of lower limbs, to a lesser extent, in the kidneys, liver and lungs, in other tissues is a small number. Selective accumulation diosmina and / or its metabolites in venous vessels to a maximum of nine hours after admission and continued for the next 96 h. Write with urine-79%, with 11% feces and bile-2.4%.
     Indication : Chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, expressed the feeling of heaviness in the legs, pain and nutritional disorders; Hemorrhoid (symptomatic treatment under increasing); The increased capillary permeability.
     Contraindications : Giperchuvstvitelnost.
     Application of pregnancy and breastfeeding : Currently in clinical practice not found any negative impact on the drug during pregnancy and foetal development. If necessary appointments while breastfeeding should abandon breastfeeding (no data on the penetration of the drug in breast milk). Experimental studies on animals have not identified teratogennogo effect.
     Side Effects : Dispepticheskie phenomenon, headache (rarely require interruption of treatment).
     Networking : clinically significant interaction effects with other LAN is available.
     Dosing and Administration : inside, with venous insufficiency - 600 mg / day (morning before eating), the treatment of haemorrhoids - 1200-1800 mg / day (while eating).
     Special instructions : If in gemorroidalnom Stroke should continue ongoing therapy (appointed short course). In the absence of rapid clinical effect needs further study and adjust the therapy. There is the potential effectiveness of a drug for the prevention of bleeding caused by the use intrauterine device and the consequences of surgery.
     Expiry date : 2 years
     Storage conditions : List B. When temperature is not above 25 ° C

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