Dekspantenol (dexpanthenol)

DEKSPANTENOL (Dexpanthenol).
     (+) 2,4-Dioksi-N- (3-oksipropil) -3,3 - dimetilbutiramid.
     SINONIMY: Bepanten, Korneregel, Pantenol, Bepanthen, Bepantol, Corneregel, Pantenyl, Pantevit, Panthenol, Pantonyl and others.
     Synthetic pantotenovoy acid derivative.
     In the body becomes pantotenovuyu acid.
     Indications for use mainly the same as for calcium pantotenata (wounds, burns, trophic ulcers, dermatitis, dermatozy, beam skin lesions, ulcers atony, paralytic ileus). Using too (Korneregel) in the radio, thermal and chemical burns konyunktivy and cornea, the front of the eye injury, and erozivnyh Dystrophic keratitah.
     Apply place inside and parenteral transmission.
     Flow (aerosol) of the affected skin or mucosa 3-4 times a day.
     Eye gel lay over forever for 0,5-1 cm 3-6 times a day.
     Inside appointed as tablets (to keep the mouth to complete resorption) by 0,1-0,5 g per day.
     To prevent postoperative atony application remain subcutaneously, intramuscularly or intravenously to 4 ml of 25% solution in the operation to at following an early period of treatment to give the same dose every 6 h; In paralytic ileuse impose parenteral transmission to 2 ml first interval in two hours, then at 6 h.
     Dispersion and may cause allergic reactions.
     FORMS OF ISSUANCE: tablets of 0.1 g; 25% injection of 2 ml ampoule; Aerosol; 5% ointment to cream in tubes of 30 grams; 2.5% lotion in vials of 200 and 400 ml; Eye 5% gel in the box for 5 and 1910

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