Tsiklofosfan (cyclophosphanum)

TSIKLOFOSFAN (Cyclophosphanum).
     N-bis - (b-Hloretil) - N-O-trimetilenovy broadcast diamida phosphoric acid.
     Synonyms: Tsiklofosfamid, Tsiklofosfan, Endoksan, Cyclophosphamide, Cyclophosphamidum, Cytofosfan, Cytophosphan, Cytoxan, Endoxan, Enduxan, Genoxal, Mitoxan, Procytox, Sendoxan and others.
     The white crystalline powder. Soluble in water (1:50), easily soluble in alcohol, it is difficult in isotonic sodium chloride solution.
     Is alkiliruyuschim cytotoxic drug with a characteristic chemical structure: it has two molecules fosfamidnye and one fosfornoefirnuyu communications; Fusion made so that the product has antitumor activity of the election, that is to be inactive, while in blood, but infiltration in tumor cells quickly razlagalsya under the influence of their relatively large number PHOSPHATASE (fosfamidaz) with the release of bis - (b-chloroethyl) - amine.
     Thus, the product can be seen as prolekarstvo with <transport> function delivers cytostatics active substance in tumor cells. Recently found that the body formed Phosphorus tsiklofosfana active metabolites and their important role in antitumor effect. The product has a relatively broad spectrum of antitumor action and provides more lenient than other similar products, the impact of trombotsitopoez.
     Apply tsiklofosfan in light melkokletochnom cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, retikulosarkome, lymphosarcoma, chronic leukemia, acute limfoblastnom leukemia, multiple myeloma, Williams tumors, bone retikulosarkome, tumor Ewing, angiosarkome.
     Enter intravenously, intramuscularly inside and cavities.
     Using different treatment schemes: a) 200 mg (3 mg / kg) or 400 mg daily (6 mg / kg) in a day (inside, intravenously or intramuscularly); B) 1 g (15 mg / kg) 1 times five days intravenously; c) 2 - 3 g (30-45 mg / kg) 1 every 2 to 3 weeks intravenously. Exchange dose in all treatment regimens is 6-1914 Using charts and other treatments.
     When burning fluid as a result of cancer in the abdominal and chest cavities, in addition to intravenous infection, introducing cavity of 0,4-1, 0 g tsiklofosfana (with each puncture). Number of drug introduced in the veins, and consequently reduced. After the main course of treatment tsiklofosfanom may apply maintenance therapy: two times a week to introduce intravenously (or intramuscularly) 0,1 0,2 g of drugs or designate him inside as tablets of 0.05-0.1 g 2 times day. Admission drug inside convenient for long-term therapy.
     Tsiklofosfan immunodepressivnoe used as a tool. He suppressed (as other cytostatics) proliferation involved in the immune response limfotsitarnyk clones. It operates mainly on Vlimfotsity. There is evidence of the use of tsiklofosfana glomerulonefritah, red lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, nespetsificheskom aortoarteriite.
     As immunodepressivnogo funds normally used for tsiklofosfan 1 0-1, 5 mg / kg (50-100 mg / day), as well portability - to 3 - 4 mg / kg.
     It should be borne in mind that, although tsiklofosfan less effect on blood than other derivatives of bis - (b-chloroethyl) - amine, it also can cause depression LEUKOPOEZIS.
     It started with the drug treatment of tuberculosis less than 3, 5 x 10 9 / L and platelets 120 x 10 9 / L.
     While it is necessary to study the treatment of blood at least two times a week. In reducing the number of cells to 2, 5 x 10 9 / L and platelets 100 x 10 9 / L treatment ceased. In sharp expressed radiation blood transfusion or leykotsitnuyu and tumor mass appoint vitamins, stimulants blood. Incentive amounts of blood transfusion (100-125 ml of 1 per week) to produce throughout the course of treatment.
     In applying tsiklofosfana, especially in overdose can see various side effects. It is often nausea and vomiting. To reduce these events to introduce pyridoxine (0.05 g intramuscularly) or aminazina (0,025 g intravenously or intramuscularly) by 1 h after tsiklofosfana. Most (90% of cases) after 18 - 20 days after the beginning of the drug is partial or total loss; Hair Waxing after receiving tsiklofosfana. Sometimes there dizziness, degradation of view, dizuricheskie phenomenon haematuria. Dizuricheskie phenomena are usually after 4 to 5 days. Most patients complain of pain in the bones, till 2 to 3 weeks.
     Local irritant effects tsiklofosfan not help but vnutriplevralnom a drug may increase the temperature (2-for the third day), you cough and pain in the chest.
     Tsiklofosfan contraindications with anemia, cachexia, severe diseases of the heart, liver and kidneys, in terminal stages of illness.
     Method of issuance: in the ampoule of 0.1 and 0.2 g of the drug; Pills, thickly coated in 0.05 g in the package of 50 pieces.
     Solutions are preparing for injection immediately before application of sterile water for injection.
     Storage: List A. In a dry, sheltered from the world scene with a temperature higher than +10  C.

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