Clindamycin (clindamycin)

KLINDAMITSIN (Clindamycin). 7-Hlordezoksiproizvodnoe linkomitsina.
     Synonyms : Dalatsin TS, Klimitsin, Dalacin C, Cleocin, Climicin, Clinymicin, Klindamycin, Klinicin, Sobelin and others.
     Available as hydrochloride reception inside and phosphate for injection.
     On chemical structure, mechanism of action and antimicrobial spectrum close to linkomitsinu, but for certain types of microorganisms more active (in the 2-10). Clindamycin Hydrochloride appointed interior, and clindamycin phosphate-intramuscularly and intravenously.
     If ingestion is well absorbed (better than Lincomycin). After injecting a maximum concentration in the blood was at 2 - 2 5 h. Preparation is well into the body fluids and tissues; Lincomycin and in the bone tissue. Through gistogematicheskie barriers is bad, but brain nerve casings concentration in the spinal fluid increases.
     Of withdrawn from the body in urine and bile. If the kidney and liver functions clindamycin slowing down. Indications for use mainly the same as for linkomitsina (respiratory tract infections, skin and soft tissues, bones and joints, abdominal, septicemia, etc.).
     Applied clindamycin inside, intramuscularly and intravenously.
     Inside designate an adult to 0.15 g every 6 h; In heavy infections to 0, Z - 0.45 g with the same intervals. Children appoint one of 20 mg / kg (Z-4 admission). Next first month of preparation is not appointed.
     Intramuscularly impose adult-to 0.6-2, 4 grams a day (in a 2 - 4), children of 10-30 mg / kg / day (also 2 to 4 admission).
     Enter drip intravenous (necessary dose dissolve in the solvent of 25 and enter a period of 20 to 45 minutes) : adult for the 0.9-2, 4 grams a day for children 10 to 30 mg / kg (2 to 4 admission).
     Possible side effects and contraindications are the same as for linkomitsina.
     Method of issuance : capsules of 0.15 and 0.075 g (75 mg for children); 15% solution (150 mg in 1 mL); In ampoules of 2; 4 and 6 ml; Flavoured granules (for children); in a syrup containing 75 mg in 5 ml in 80 ml vials.
     Storage : List B.

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