Hloridin (chloridinum)

HLORIDIN (Chloridinum). 2, 4 - ethyl Diamino-5- parameters hlorfenil-6- Pyrimidine. Synonyms: Daraprim, Pirimetamin, Tindurin, Daraclor, Darapran, Daraprim, Malocide, Pyrimethamine, Tindurin.
     The white crystalline powder without smell and taste. Almost nerastvorim in water, soluble in alcohol little.
     The product provides antiprotozoynoe action plazmodiev effective against malaria, and toksoplazm leyshmany.
     It stifles development asexually eritrotsitarnyh plazmodiev of all types, but is slower hingamina. It was damaged gamontov all plazmodiev that breach the development of malaria pathogens in the body of the mosquito. The mechanism is related to inhibition of enzyme digidrofolatreduktazy that blocks making degidrofolievoy acid tetragidrofolievuyu necessary for the development of parasitic microorganisms.
     In leishmaniasis hloridin damages promastigoty (woody stage leyshmany), which leads to violations development moskita leishmaniasis in the body.
     Hlorilin well absorbed, long-term circulating in the blood (within 1 week after a single admission); Devoted mainly kidneys.
     Accepted hloridin inside while sulfanilamidami or (and) hingaminom, while hloridina efficiency has improved.
     Assign hloridin adults in a daily dose of 0.05 g for the prevention of 0.025 g-1 - 3 admission.
     Children are smaller doses according to age.
     In severe forms of malaria are taking the drug for 2 to 4 days. To prevent malaria and leishmaniasis nominated for 3 to 5 days until the risk of infection and continue to 1 time per week for the duration of the possible contamination and for the next 4-6 weeks.
     In acute and chronic toxoplasmosis take hloridin cycles for 5 days with a break between 7 - 10 days. Module 2 - 3 treatment cycles. If necessary courses (all 3) with a repeat interval 1 to 2 months.
     For prevention of congenital disease, hloridin appoint women with acute and subacute completed, starting with the 16 th week of pregnancy, but not earlier II trimester. The course of treatment-2 cycle every 10 days. Depending on the time of pregnancy have up to 3 courses with a break between 1 month.
     In early pregnancy to term hloridin not (to avoid toxic action of the fruit), and in the future should also be handled with care.
     Sulfanilamidnye drugs (see Sulfapiridazin, Sulfadimetoksin, Sulfalen) Assign while hloridinom.
     When you receive hloridina might side effects: headache, dizziness, pain in the heart, diarrhoeic phenomenon disease, retinopathy moment.
     The fact is that hloridin folic acid antagonist, his prolonged use can cause side effects associated with the acquisition and sharing of the vitamin. These manifestations are megaloblasticheskaya anaemia, less-leukopenia, and teratogenic effects,
     Contraindications: blood disease and kidney. In the treatment hloridinom do blood tests and urine.
     It hloridin appoint women in the first trimester of pregnancy and children in the first two months of life.
     Method of issuance: powder; 0,005 tablets of 0.01 and the city
     Storage: List B. In dry place.

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