Catalina (catalin)

KATALIN (Catalin).
     Sodium salt of 1-gidroksi-5- Ocso-5 H pirido (3, 2-a) - fenoksazin- West carboxylic acid.
     Synonyms: Senkatalin, Clarvisan, Clarvisor, Pirenoxine sodium.
     Implemented in the form of eye drops as a means of detaining development of cataracts (See also Tsistein, Vitsein, Katahrom.) .
     Mechanism of Catalina not understood. I believe that the drug inhibits action hinonovyh compounds, which are products of metabolism breached lens. The product will stabilize membranes to some extent inhibited oxidation of lipid peroxidation.
     Katalin apply to prevent progressive dementia early cataracts and diabetic cataracts.
     Issued in vials containing 15 mL solvent, accompanied tablets containing 0.75 mg Catalina.
     To prepare the solution omit pill in gm vial with a solvent (without breaking sterility). After the dissolution tablets formed transparent solution yellow.
     Buried on 1 - 2 drops in konyunktivalny bag 5 to 6 times a day. Apply a long time.
     Usually drug is well tolerated by, but may cause surface keratita, blefarita, itching, pain. When expressed adverse events of drugs stop.
     Form release: in vials with caps otvinchivayuschimisya annex sterile tablets in a special package.
     Storage: in sheltered from the light, cool place. The finished solution suitable for use within a month.
     There is a foreign form of the drug, containing 0.75 mg together with Catalina (pirenoksina sodium) 62 mg taurine (see Taufon).
     Sankatalin and Katalin produced in Japan.

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