Buprenorphine (buprenorphine). 17 (tsiklopropilmetil)

BUPRENORFIN (Buprenorphine). 17 (Tsiklopropilmetil) -7, 8-dihydro [(1S) -2-hydroxy-3-3 - 2 dimetilbutil] -6 - methoxy-O-methyl-6, 17-etano-17- normorfina hydrochloride .
     Synonyms : Anfin, Norfin, Anfin, Buprenal, Buprenex, Buprex, Lepetan, Norfin, Norphine, Temgesic.
     The structure and action close to nalbufinu.
     The white crystalline powder, it is difficult to dissolve in water, soluble in alcohol.
     Indications for use, contraindications, precautions are the same as for other similar drugs analgetikov.
     Product : pills to 0.0002 g (0.2 mg) for admission into and sublingvalno.

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