Bronholitin (broncholytin)

BRONHOLITIN (Broncholytin).
     Bronholitin (Bulgaria) is a combination drug containing glaucine.
     Available in the form of syrup, 125 grams of which glautsina hydrochloride 0,125 grams, 0.1 grams of ephedrine hydrochloride, oil lines and citric acid to 0,125 g.
     Applied as protivokashlevoe and bronhorasshirayuschee means of acute and chronic bronchitis, astmoidnyh state.
     Assign an adult to one canteen spoon 3 to 4 times a day for children aged 3 years and 1 teaspoonful three times a day for children aged 10 years and 2 tea spoon three times a day.
     Product : in bottles of 125 g.
     Storage : List B.
     Made in Bulgaria.

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