BEMITIL (Bemithylum). 2-Etiltiobenzimidazola gidrobromid.
     White or white with a white crystalline powder kremovatym. Mg of muddy water with education solutions; Soluble in alcohol.
     Has stimulating effect has antigipoksicheskoy activity, increases the body's resistance to hypoxia and increased efficiency in physical work. A representative of a new group-aktoprotektornyh drugs. Slowly absorbed by ingestion.
     Assign an adult with Pichinde conditions, nervousness, from trauma and other conditions under which shows the mental stimulation and physical functions.
     There is evidence of immunostimulating bemitila action and its effectiveness in this regard in the treatment of certain infectious diseases.
     Is bemitil after eating at 0.25 - 0.5 g 2 - 3 times a day. Daily dose of 0,5-1 year course of treatment 10 to 20 days or 2 - 3 course in 3 - 5 days with intervals 2 - 5 days. Recommended treatment to food, rich in carbohydrates.
     In applying bemitila possible nausea, vomiting rare, unpleasant feelings in the stomach, headache, hyperemia person.
     The drug is not suitable for hypoglycemia.
     Product : pills to 0,125 and 0,25 g-coated, in a package of 100 pieces.
     Storage : List B. In the dark spot.

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