ANESTEZIN (Anaesthesinum).
     Ethyl ether parameters benzaminic acid.
     Synonyms : Benzokain, Aethylis aminobenzoas, Anaesthalgin, Anaesthicin, Anaesthin, Benzocain, Ethoforme, Ethylis aminobenzoas, Ethyl aminobenzoate, Norcain, Parathesine, Rhaetocain, Topanalgin and others.
     White powder geometric crystal x odourless, slabogorkogo taste; The language is a sense of disbelief. Very little is soluble in water, easy-to alcohol.
     Anestezin-one of the first synthetic compounds used as mestnoanesteziruyuschih funds. Despite more than 100 years of existence (synthesized in 1890; Applies to end 90 years), it is still relatively widely used alone and in combination with other drugs. The recently proposed a new aerosol product "Amprovizol" containing anestezin.
     Anestezin an active surface mestnoanesteziruyuschim funds. Because of the difficult water solubility product is not used parenteral and for pain with surgery. But it is widely used in the form of ointments, prisypok and other medicines with urticaria, skin diseases involving chemicals, as well as for pain and ulcer wound surface. Implement 5 - 10% of masi or powder and finished pharmaceuticals (Menovazin, Amprovizol "etc.).
     In rectal diseases (crack, itch, Hemorrhoid) designate candles containing 0,05 - 0,1 g anestezina. For anesthesia mucous membranes using 5-20% oil sprays. Inside are in powders, tablets and nose medicine for pain mucous membranes with cramps and stomach pain, extreme sensitivity of the oesophagus, etc. Sometimes designate accustomed to vomiting, vomiting during pregnancy, sea and air sickness.
     Dose for adults : 0.3 g 3 - 4 times a day; For children : up to 1 year 0.02 0.04 g, 2 - 5-0.05-0.1 g, 6-12 - 0 12 - 0.25 g.
     Higher doses for adults inside : single 0.5 g daily 1, 5 g.
     Method of issuance : powder; Tablets of 0.3 g; 5% ointment. Included in the combined pill, and candles (see "Anestezol").
     Anestezin and its dosage forms are usually well transferred. Unlike cocaine addiction anestezin phenomenon is.
     Storage : anestezin and dosage forms containing his store with caution (list B) in a well ukuporennoy packaging keeps from the world.
     Pills "Bellastezin (Ta bulettae" We llasthesinum ") contains 0.3 grams anestezina and herb extracts 0,015 g.
     Pills "Pavestezin (Ta bulettae" Ra vesthesinum ") contains 0.3 grams anestezina papaverina hydrochloride and 0.05 g.
     Pills "Bellastezin and Pavestezin" appointed to gastralgiyah, intestines and stomach cramps. Taking on one pill 2 - 3 times a day. To the same end use ready pills follows; Anestezina 0.3 g, 0.02 g papaverina, herb extract 0,015 g.
     Candles "Anestezol (Suppositoria" A naesthesolum "). Ingredients : anestezina 0.1 g, 0.04 g dermatola, menthol 0,004 g, 0.02 g of zinc oxide, until the total mass of 2, 7, the city applied to reduce pain, itching and cramps, haemorrhoids and cracks in the rear passage.
     Enter in the rectum and 1 - 2 candles a day.
     Anestezin is part of the preparation "Menovazin (see Menthol) and linimenta" Spedian (see).
     Rp. : Tab. Anaesthesini 0.3 N. 10
     D.S. He is one tablet three times a day
     Rp. : Tab. "Bellasthesinum" N. 10
     D.S. He is the one pill 2 - 3 pa for a day
     Rp. : Anaesthesini 0.3
     Papaverini hydrochloridi 0.02
     Extr. Belladonnae 0,015
     D.t.d. N. 10 in tab.
     S. At one pill 2 - 3 pa cr a day
     Rp. : Ung. Anaesthesini 5 10.0%
     D.S. Southern Hapy
     Aerosol "Amprovizol (Ae rosolum" A p m on visolum r "). Contains anestezin, Menthol, solution ergokaltsiferola (vitamin D) in alcohol, glycerin, propolis and ethyl alcohol. Available in aerosol containers with the propellent (khladon-12). When leaving the aerosol container is a greenish-yellow liquid, opaque (to dark yellow) color with a characteristic smell of menthol and propolis.
     Applied local anaesthetics, as antiinflammatory and cooling applications in solar and thermal burns I and II levels.
     On the surface cause severely affected by the spray, clicking on the cylinder head in the 1-5 with a distance of 20 - 30 cm, depending on the degree burns and endurance drug treat skin once or several times.
     The drug is not suitable for distributed II degree burns, no surface layers of epidermis. Not getting spray in the eye.
     Product : 50 grams of aerosol glass bottles to plastic-coated either 80 or 170 g of aluminum aerosol containers with a spray valve head and a cap.
     Storage : in a dry place at a temperature no higher than 35 'S, far from the lights and heaters; Preserved from direct sunlight.

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