ALMAGEL (Almagel).
     One of the first (1960-ancestors.) Combined antatsidnyh drugs, which is a key component of aluminum hydroxide (algedrat). Further, a number of algeldratsoderzhaschih antatsidnyh drugs produced in various pharmaceutical forms.
     Almagel-gel (suspension) per 5 ml of which is 0.3 g aluminum hydroxide and 0.1 grams of magnesium oxide with the addition of D fluids.
     Viscous fluid white, sweet, slightly binder taste.
     Applied with stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, acute and chronic gastritis giperatsidnyh, reflyuks- ezofagite and other gastrointestinal diseases, which show a decrease acidity and proteolytic activity of gastric juice.
     Effects of drugs related to his antatsidnymi, absorbent, and gastroprotektornymi coating properties. A D fluids strengthens poslablyayuschemu bile secretion and action. Pharmaceutical form (gel) creates the conditions to distribute the mucous lining of the stomach and a longer effect.
     Almagel- A contains more in each 5 ml gel 0.1 g anestezina. Applied in the event that the above diseases are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, pain.
     Almagel and almagel- A designated inside : Adults usually 1-2 tea spoons (dosing) four times a day (morning, afternoon and evening for 30 minutes before eating and before bedtime); Children up to 10 years? dose adult, 10-15 years? the adult dose. To avoid diluting the drug should not be used liquid in the first half an hour after his admission. Recommended reception almagelya form and several times (every 1-2 minutes) roll from side to side (to improve the distribution of gastric mucosal lining). The course of treatment 3-4 weeks.
     Almagel well tolerated. In some cases, possible constipation, passing the reduced dosage. Large doses of light sometimes cause drowsiness. With long-term use medication should not take food, rich in phosphorus.
     Almagel contraindicated in gipofosfatemii, renal failure, pregnancy.
     Product : Suspension for admission into bottles in 170 ml and 200.
     Storage : Keep in a cool place; Point is not allowed.
     Before use, the contents of a bottle carefully mixed.

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