Vitamin acid (acidum folicum)

FOLIEVAYA ACID (Acidum folicum). [Name "folic acid" (from folium-sheet) due to the fact that it was originally appropriated from spinach leaves. .
     N-[4-[(2-Amino-1, 4-digidro-4- okso-6- pteridil) methyl] amino] benzoyl L (+) - glutamic acid.
     Synonyms: Vitamin B Pteroilglutaminovaya acid Cytofol, Folacid, Folacin, Folamin, Folcidin, Foldine, Folic Acid, Folicil, Folsan, Folvit, Millafol, Piofolin and others.
     Folic acid is a group of vitamin B. She found in fresh vegetables (beans, spinach, tomatoes, etc.) as well as in the liver and kidneys of animals. In the body formed intestinal microflora.
     For medical purposes are synthetic means. Synthetic drugs is a yellow or yellow-orange crystalline powder. Almost nerastvorim in water and alcohol; Slightly soluble in solutions caustic alkalis. Gigroskopichen. Situated at the light.
     In the body of folic acid before recovering tetragidrofolievoy acid, which is kofermentom involved in various metabolic processes. It is necessary for normal blood cells education, including the education and maturation of fecal normoblastov.
     Lack of folic acid inhibits the transition phase megaloblasticheskoy blood in normoblasticheskuyu.
     Together with vitamin B 12 Erythropoiesis stimulating, is also involved in the synthesis of amino acids (methionine, Serina, etc.), nucleic acids, and purinov PYRIMIDINES, in the exchange of choline.
     Apply to stimulate eritropoeza with makrotsitarnyh anemia (megaloblasticheskie anaemia among pregnant, etc.) as well as the disease. In the treatment of aplastic anemia drug ineffectual. When disease folic acid reduces or eliminates the clinical manifestations of disease, normalize blood (with the disease at the same time appoint cyancobalamin and askorbinovuyu acid drugs liver gemoterapiyu). Folic acid is also used in anemia and leykopeniyah caused Drugs and ionizing radiation, with anemia caused by Research and stomach ulcers, and nutritional anaemia makrotsitarnyh newborns. With regard to the positive effects on bowel function recommend it for the treatment of chronic gastroenteritov ulcers and tuberculosis.
     When anemia patients folic acid should be appointed only with vitamin B 12. Although folic acid can be improved blood, it prevents the development of neurological complications (funikulyarnogo mieloza etc.).
     To prevent folic lack of unbalanced or deficient diet, appointed folic acid into 20-50 ug daily. During pregnancy take 400 µ g per day, while breast-feeding 300 ug.
     To designate an adult to care for 0,005 grams (5 mg) a day, children in smaller doses, depending on age. The duration of treatment 20 to 30 days.
     Prolonged use of folic acid (especially in large doses) is not recommended because of possible reduction in blood vitamin B 12.
     Method of issuance: powder; Pills to 0,001 grams at banks orange glass on 30 and 60 pieces.
     Issued also tablets containing folic (0.0008 grams) and askorbinovuyu (0.1 g) acid.
     Folic acid is also a member of the combined multivitamin tablets (see Aerovit, Dekamevit, Kvadevit, Glutamevit, Komplivit etc.).

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