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Name of the preparation: MARDIL ZINK MAKS (MARDIL ZINK MAKS)

Active substance: nonappropriate

Type: The drug for topical treatment of benign skin lesions with cauterizing and mummifying effect

Manufacturer: OXYGON (Russia) manufactured CENTRAL EUROPEAN PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY (Russia)
Composition, form of production and packaging
Topical solution
1 ml

zinc 2-chloropropionate solution 1.5% in 2-chloropropionic acid 0.5 ml

1 ml - bottles of dark glass (1) complete with a set of glass microcapillaries (5 pcs.) - containers of foam plastic (1) - packs of cardboard.


Description of the drug approved by the manufacturer for the printed edition of 2010.


Mardil Zinc ® Max is a 50% aqueous solution of zinc chloropropionate and 2-chloropropionic acid.
With external and local application on the affected areas of the skin or mucous membrane, the drug is capable of interrupting the growth and vital activity of pathologically altered cells and tissues, incl. benign neoplasms of the skin and mucous membrane, through anti-coagulation, dehydration and devitalization. When applied to the affected areas, the drug leads to fixation followed by mummification of the pathologically altered tissue with which the drug comes into contact. The immediate effect of the drug is expressed in the discoloration of the skin and mucous membrane with the appearance of a characteristic pale gray shade. Subsequently, devitalized pathological tissue dries up and changes color to dark brown due to mummification. Mummified scabs are separated only after complete re-epithelization spontaneously after 2-3 weeks. The healing takes place without complications, especially in the absence of secondary infection, leaving no significant scars and scars, deformations of adjacent tissues or impaired functions of the organs.

When applied to affected areas of the skin or mucous membrane, Mardil Zinc ® Max is not absorbed and has no systemic effect on the body.


Treatment of lesions of the skin and mucous membrane:

- vulgar warts;

- plantar warts;

- flat warts;

anogenital warts;

- Acrochordons (skin horn);

- seborrheic keratosis;

- seboroids;

- benign nevi (low-pigment, pigment-free, papillomatous, fibroepithelial, Setton nevus), tested for good quality.


For external use

The treatment process is performed on an outpatient basis under the supervision of a physician.
The procedure does not require anesthesia. The drug is applied with a plastic spatula, cotton swab, or with a glass capillary to the previously degreased 70% alcohol surface of the formation. Processing is carried out for 1-3 applications before the appearance of whitish-gray coloration. Change in color of the tissue occurs within 2-3 minutes after application of the preparation. In the presence of severe hyperkeratosis within 5-7 minutes. At the same time, the consistency of the neoplasm changes to a more dense one. The dosage of the drug depends on the type, size, density and severity of hyperkeratosis and can be 0.02 ml-0.2 ml. The maximum daily dose is 0.2 ml.
The number of treatment sessions varies from the 1st (flat warts) to 3-4 (plantar warts) to the complete disappearance of the element with an interval between sessions of at least 24 hours. Around the neoplasm after application of the drug Mardil Zinc ® Max, there is a transient band of hyperemia and edema , which disappears without a trace after 25-40 minutes after the completion of the procedure.
Any additional medical measures after the application of the drug is not required. The next day after the application the pathological focus is mummified, acquires a dark brown hue and sharply decreases in size. Mummified scabs are separated only after complete epithelization spontaneously after 2-3 weeks. The healing takes place without complications, especially in the absence of secondary infection, leaving no significant scarring, scars and deformities of adjacent tissues or impaired functions of the organs.
For topical application

Treatment of anogenital warts.
Treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis under the supervision of a doctor, the procedure does not require anesthesia. The drug is applied with a probe a universal or an applicator. After applying the drug, the color of the tissues changes to a whitish-gray coloration. The volume of the applied preparation depends on the size of the formation and the area of ​​the lesion and can range from 0.02 ml to 0.2 ml. During each procedure, no more than 2-3 lesions with a total area of ​​up to 3 cm 2 can be treated. The maximum daily dose is 0.2 ml. In the presence of more extensive lesions, treatment with the drug should be carried out in several stages with an interval of at least 24 hours. When applying the drug Mardil Zinc ® Max, there is a small swelling of the mucous membrane. Within 2-3 days after using the drug, necrotic tissues are rejected. Complete regeneration is observed during 10-14 days. With large anogenital warts in case of incomplete necrosis, it is possible to apply the drug again after 5-7 days.

Using the drug Mardil Zinc ® Max in rare cases can lead to a change in skin pigmentation and the formation of superficial skin scars.
With the normal course of the process of epithelization, the absence of secondary infection and the independent separation of mummified scabs, the likelihood of such negative consequences is extremely low. There may be edema of the tissue, very rarely, with individual sensitivity to the components of the drug, allergic reactions in the form of skin itching are possible.

- malignant neoplasms of the skin and mucous membrane;

- pronounced tendency to form keloids;

- Pregnancy;

- lactation period;

- age up to 18 years;

- Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.


Studies to study the possible effects of the drug on the body of pregnant women and nursing mothers have not been carried out to date.
Treatment in this category of patients should be prescribed only in those cases where the potential benefit of its use for the mother exceeds the possible risk to the fetus or child.

Contraindicated in patients under the age of 18 years.


Before opening the vial should be shaken and move the solution, which got in the top of the bottle, to its bottom.
The opened vial should be in a strictly vertical position.
Mardil Zinc ® Max contains an acid in its composition.
Avoid getting the product on healthy skin or mucous membranes. If you accidentally get the drug Mardil Zinc® Max on a healthy skin or mucous membrane, you need to remove the drug as soon as possible with a water-soaked cotton swab.
In the treatment of affected skin areas located near the eye area, special precautions should be observed.
Avoid contact with eyes. If an accidental ingestion of Mardil Zinc ® Max in the eyes occurs, rinse immediately with plenty of water and 1% sodium hydrogen carbonate solution, and then consult a doctor.
It is impossible to remove the mummified scab by scraping or using mechanical means.
The scab should separate from the healthy skin or the mucous membrane itself, otherwise it may damage the processes of tissue healing and the formation of scars.
Until complete healing of the skin or mucous membrane is not recommended to swim in swimming pools and open water, and should avoid exposure to direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation.
On the day of treatment it is recommended to limit water procedures.
It is advisable to avoid traumatization and contamination of the treated pathological focus until complete epithelialization.

Before discarding the vial, the remainder of the drug should be rinsed in running water.
Empty vial can be thrown into the garbage container.

If the product is used incorrectly, erosion can occur.

To prevent acid burns, the preparation should be rinsed with running water.
Healing can occur independently without the use of additional drugs or with the use of wound healing drugs.

The interaction of the drug Mardil Zinc ® Max with other drugs of external action is not established.


The drug is released by prescription.


Store in a dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C.
Keep out of the reach of children. Shelf life - 3 years. Do not use the medicinal product after the expiration date indicated on the package.
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